rewiring the
content economy

Rilla is rewiring the content economy, directing the value generated back to creators and their communities. By leveraging audience bandwidth and rewarding them with ownership in the network, the savings are equivalent to a free month subscription every year for a moderate level of viewership.

Our difference

Unparalleled cost savings

Rilla dramatically reduces network costs to more than 90%, fostering a unique opportunity to give back to the community.

More than 95% of the cost of live streaming infrastructure is attributable to network alone.

Our difference

Unparalleled cost savings


The audience itself provides the bandwidth

Our platform revolutionizes the way you engage by enabling direct browser-based peer-to-peer communication, transcoding, and video processing. Rilla runs relays directly from a participant’s browser, removing any barriers to entry for potential network contributors. Users no longer need to install software and configure their network.


Graph algorithms optimize the cost of the network per stream

Our sophisticated centralized matchmaking service crafts the perfect network topology for each stream, ensuring viewers are matched with the nearest relays while compute-intensive tasks are managed efficiently. Through the use of advanced graph-optimization algorithms, we guarantee a seamless streaming experience that feels like magic.


Organic growth of network capacity as the audience grows

Rilla offers the opportunity to run dedicated relays, providing a robust backbone to our streaming architecture in exchange for attractive incentives. Our innovative approach includes multiple P2P connections on standby, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience even if disruptions occur.

who we are

Co-founding engineers

Technical founders of Altered State Machine. Engineers and comrades together across 5 ventures, spanning education, AI for healthcare, low level airspace utilisation systems for air traffic control, AI gaming and decentralisation of AI at large.

Hal Smith

Pulasthi Bandara


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